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One Platform, One Login, One View, with Endless Integrations

The Digicel Central Platform delivers real-time single view and management across your security practices. Simply click on the Services below and let us help you identify the gaps in your security journey. Whether you adopt our products and services or integrate your own cyber investments, the Digicel Central platform mitigates risk with single points of failure and adapts to any change control or technology refresh plans.

Digicel Central
enhances your
security investments

The Digicel Central platform gives our customers the freedom to integrate their existing security stack into one single view. For hybrid security products and services managed by the customer or 3rd party vendors, Digicel Central brings everything into one central location in real-time. Delivering data aggregation, collaboration, improved productivity and ability to share across different users, departments and customers.


Integrate with out of the box templates or be creative by designing and building your own security dashboards integrated with your source applications and data to keep your target users updated, informed, and engaged.


Represent your security data through drag and drop visualisations. The visual library represents numerous ways to capture and present your data layers throughout the business and customer views.


Instant and on-demand security analytics to make the right decisions. Just like the dashboards, the reporting module helps you build, share, and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly critical information to your recipients.

Vendor Ready Connectors

The Digicel Central platform comes with connectors from the leading security enterprises. Simply configure from our template dashboards, visuals and reports or build your own connectors and data visualisations.

Digicel Central Platform Packages





Hosting Choice

Cloud & Hybrid

With multiple options to deploy Digicel Central onto your infrastructure, our cloud or co-location integration - ensuring optimum performance and security. Digicel Central can run under Kubernetes, Docker containers and virtual appliances.

Secure Platform

Digicel Central application and architecture security are under regular penetration testing with our software assurance support. With today's emphasis on cyber-attacks, our product must meet industry standards and compliance. SSL 256-bit encryption, with secure authentication options: Oauth2, SAML, 2-factor, OTP and JWT.

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