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No Cost. No Pressure.
Education & Options.

Digicel Business Protect has served over 130 clients, and we have seen it all. We have seen clients with lots of thought, resources, and tools in their environment, and we have seen clients with nearly nothing in place to protect their assets, people, and data.

To help guide our clients, we provide a no-cost cybersecurity posture assessment that skips the marketing fluff and sales pitches. With a 60 minute remote interview, Digicel Business Protect delivers an easy to understand summary of your security posture with options based on the industry you are in, where your people are and where your data is.

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The assessment provides categorical recommendations or validation of what you have in place. Many of the clients that have done the assessment consistently ask for a refreshed assessment each quarter as they use it to help educate their board and deliver a cybersecurity roadmap to the organisation. Put our expertise to work at no cost or obligation and let us help validate your posture or provide options to improve your current situation.

Test Types

Security Health Check Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Red Team Testing
Scoping None Limited Limited to scan results Comprehensive
Objective Pre-defined Scanning tests to obtain security score Broad scanning for information gathering Utilise broad scanning to manually test a network for compliance driven needs Uncover as many vulnerabilities as possible using the resources leveraged by real attackers
Techniques Fully automated using non-invasive software to capture security strengths and weaknesses. Fully automated using software which identifies publicly known vulnerabilities Driven by automation with penetration testers manually testing the findings uncovered by automated scanning Human driven with a teak of hackers focused on your network identifying vulnerabilities unique to your network
Threat Emulation None None Partial Advanced Persistent Threat Emulation
Reporting Fully automated using software which identifies known risks across your network. Computer generated report with unverified information and no determination of business impact Computer generated report which is verified by penetration fester reducing the amount of false positives Narrative report with schedule remediation steps and verified intelligence determining the business impact of all findings
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